MG Capital’s evolution since inception

  • 2016

    Flatiron District

    MG Capital launches strategic distribution partnerships with two leading financial services firms in Asia.  
  • 2015


    MG Capital launches a strategic distribution partnership with Tata Capital, the financial services division of India-based business conglomerate Tata Group
  • 2014

    Warren Street

    MG Capital commences its eighth year of operations and continues to expand its portfolio by acquiring analytically selected properties on behalf of the firm’s corporate tenants.
  • 2013

    West 21st Street

    MG Capital successfully exits 74 portfolio properties via a sale to a strategic partner. All properties were acquired by MG Capital in 2007, were contractually secured with corporate tenants and remained debt-free during MG Capital’s ownership.

    Properties acquired in 2010 drive performance with the second year of rent escalations ranging between 4.0-10.5%.
  • 2012

    Norfolk Street
    Lower East Side

    MG Capital continues to realize long-term portfolio appreciation from unlevered portfolio properties acquired in previous years with the ordinary dissolution of 31 portfolio properties. Rent escalations continue to step up annually through 2013.
  • 2011

    Central Park West
    Upper West Side

    MG Capital begins to realize long-term portfolio appreciation by completing the ordinary dissolution of 17 portfolio properties.
  • 2010

    The Plaza

    MG Capital deploys an additional $55 million in investor capital and completes 21 portfolio transactions. Further annual rent escalations enhance the firm’s third-year performance.
  • 2009

    Hudson Street

    MG Capital broadens its ability to manage portfolio acquisitions and dispositions through a new global strategic partnership. The firm completes 46 portfolio transactions. Continued annual rent escalations drive the firm’s second-year performance.
  • 2008

    Charles Street
    West Village

    MG Capital continues its unlevered investment strategy by executing an additional 43 portfolio transactions. The first year of built-in annual rent escalations take effect, ranging between 4.0-10.5% per lease per annum.
  • 2007

    Columbus Circle

    MG Capital launches its unlevered private equity platform with $350 million in investor capital. The firm executes 42 portfolio transactions during its initial year of performance reporting.
  • 2006

    Union Square

    MG Capital begins sourcing portfolio properties in anticipation of the firm’s launch in 2007.
  • 2000

    Upper West Side

    In 2000, Eric Malley formed Malley Group Residential Real Estate, a high-end advisory practice, and founded Malley Management Group, a property management firm. Today both companies are vertically integrated units of MG Capital’s private equity platform.