MG Capital® is a premier, debt-free private equity real estate investment manager that exclusively invests in diversified Class A residential luxury properties across Manhattan. We provide investors with a diverse and distinctive product mix that meets their individual aspirations through a collateralized, transparent real estate private equity investment, ensuring principal preservation with consistent year-over-year growth.

MG Capital enables investors to select from five unique investment products designed to preserve principal and grow wealth. Customarily, investors use their IRA/401(k) savings accounts, trusts, money market or checking accounts as an approved source of investable assets.

We have a proven track record: (i) 10-year investment performance has exceeded S&P 500 returns, (ii) consistent year-over-year growth for investors since 2000, (iii) 20+ years of deep investment expertise, and (iv) internally execute and oversee every single aspect of your investment – from start to finish.

Our unique investment strategy and platform enable investors globally to hold an equity interest in recurring rental income streams derived from hundreds of MG-AAA rated tenants, through a passive real estate investment that is fully collateralized by debt-free, Class A residential luxury properties.

Why you should invest today: (i) grow your wealth to pay for college, a new home or to enhance your quality of life, (ii) targeted investment performance: 20% per annum, (iii) build a retirement account that sustains market cycles, (iv) plan for tomorrow and take control of your IRA/401(k) today, and (v) individuals and families globally can invest starting at $100k.

MG Capital’s investment strategy is data-driven. We employ our own proprietary analytics to acquire, manage and shift each individual investment property. Our vertically integrated platform is designed to achieve scale efficiencies in directly managing all portfolio acquisitions, dispositions and property management operations. During the period 2007-2015, this strategy has enabled MG Capital to preserve principal and produce strong risk-adjusted returns that are uncorrelated to broader markets.

MG Capital is positioned to become the largest owner-manager of debt-free individual luxury properties in Manhattan, which are contractually secured with fair-market, long-term corporate tenants and diversified across more than 100 residential buildings in 15 prime neighborhoods.