MG Capital’s historical success has been driven by:

Proprietary analytics
Fourth-generation proprietary analytics form the foundation of MG Capital’s data-driven investment strategy. We analyze, select and manage portfolio investments based on 160 quantitative and qualitative criteria, with the objective of insulating investment decisions from emotional bias and personal preferences. This disciplined adherence to a data-driven investment approach has historically enabled our Investment Committee to minimize risk to investor’s principal and produce strong risk-adjusted returns that are uncorrelated to broader markets. 

Our expertise is exclusively focused on investing in diversified Class A residential luxury properties in Manhattan. By following a defined and focused strategy, we avoid investment distractions and maximize our ability to protect and enhance the long-term value of our investment portfolios.

Granular diversification
Granular diversification is core to MG Capital’s strategy and risk discipline. Our diversification requirements are designed to avoid market correlation and enhance our ability to produce cyclically durable returns in varied economic climates. MG Capital’s portfolios are diversified by property size, residential building, Manhattan neighborhood, revenue source and tenant industry. In addition, we continuously diversify our growing global investor community by investment amount and investor geography.

No leverage
MG Capital follows a 100% debt-free investment strategy, making our firm one of very few private equity shops worldwide that (i) prioritizes, above any other consideration, the firm’s alignment with the interests of its investors, and (ii) extends an annual distribution to investors instead of debt service.

Vertical integration
MG Capital's investment management platform is designed to achieve scale efficiencies and cost averaging by managing all portfolio acquisitions, tenant partnerships, property management operations, property title clearing and portfolio exits directly and internally—without involvement of third parties.